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 Our Story 

Black Women's Wall Street, Inc. was formed in 2018 by women who each had a unique, yet powerful background.  Each of these ladies recognized the greatness in each other and felt that there needed to be an organization put in place that would honor the black women for her strength, courage, intelligence and beauty.  Too many times to count, there have been repeated instances, stories told by other Black women who have dreams of starting their own businesses yet are crippled by either fear, lack of knowledge or lack of support from those around them.  


Interestingly enough, there is history of Black businesses thriving and supporting each other in what was once known as Black Wall Street.  Black Wall Street, formerly known as The Greenwood Neighborhood, was in Tulsa, Oklahoma back in 1905.  Blacks during this time created a self-sufficient and prosperous business district which included a grocery store, barbershop, doctor's office and real estate agents.  They even had their own school and newspaper!  After a race riot that broke out in 1921, many of the businesses and homes were destroyed which after an attempt to rebuild, Black Wall Street never regained the strength and prestige it once had.


For Black Women's Wall Street, Inc., we not only look to rebuild the community of businesses and support of what Black Wall Street once was but we want to do it on a slightly unique scale. Our Black women have been the strength that others have borrowed from and now, not only as women, but as Black women, we are requiring a seat at the table. We have grand ideas, formal education, husbands, children and elderly parents who look to us as nurturers, educators and providers in our homes. We are multi-talented with the brains to be CEOs in our homes, hearts the size of Texas and beauty that is often emulated. Black Women's Wall Street is on a mission to strengthen, encourage, train, support and empower women to not only create their own businesses but to be self-sustaining past the 3-5 year decline of most startup businesses.  We look to create a community of women who want more and will fight to have more so that we can build a legacy and create wealth for our families for generations to come. When Black women fight for any cause, we fight for issues that benefit everyone and all communities!

Black Women's Wall Street, Inc is a proud member of The Arlington Black Chamber of Commerce and The Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

To empower Black women who aspire to become business owners by equipping them with startup business training, financial literacy and education so they can impact local and global communities.

Our Mission

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The Board


JaCoi James Pugh


JaCoi James Pugh is a co-founder and President of Black Women’s Wall Street, Inc. She is also the lead host of the talk radio show "The Boardroom with Black Women's Wall Street, Inc." that can be heard on the iHeart Radio app.  This show focuses on challenging and disrupting the norm in the business world giving a voice and permission to the Black female entrepreneur. 


She also maintains a small-business consulting practice, J&K Solutions, which focuses on the design and development stages of the budding entrepreneur.  JaCoi is a published author of “The Single Mother’s Path to Wealth” which highlights single mothers who have a desire to create wealth for themselves and their families.

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Contact Us

Our Locations

564 N Walnut Creek Dr.
Suite 100
Mansfield, Texas 76063



P.O. BOX 170728
Arlington, Texas 76003

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