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Idea 2 Inception Entrepreneurship

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The Idea 2 Inception (i2I) Entrepreneurship Program provides Black women with business training, and financial literacy and education that requires measurable action items and taking strategic steps to start and operate a business. Our focus is on empowering, educating, and equipping Black women to become small business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders in our various local and global communities. This is a multi-session program led by subject matter experts that will include the following subjects:

  • Mindset/Mind Mapping 

  • Ideas and Opportunities

  • Business Plans

  • Initial Investments/Business Expenses/ Finances

  • Business Funding/Raising Capital

  • Certifications/Government Contracting/Licensing/Regulations

  • Digital Marketing and Branding

  • Legal & Tax Advice

  • Selling Yourself/Closing Deals/Building Relationships

The sessions will be in person, and the participants are expected to attend each session. i2I begins Saturday, June 8, 2024 and the cost is $400.00 per participant. If a participant qualifies as having low to moderate income, the fee is $200. Our goal is to take 25 women through the program. All who are interested will need to complete an application (New 2 part process: Fill out form below and pay application processing fee, then, receive an email with application to submit.) Once submitted,  a Black Women's Wall Street, Inc. team member will review and begin setting up interviews. Please note: All those who fill out an application and/or interview may not be selected for the program. 

Previous years running this program, we have not charged an application fee. In an effort to create more opportunities through this program, to maintain operation of this site and to handle administrative tasks needed to review each application, we must charge a small application fee of $10. We thank you for your understanding of this new change in the application process and wish you all the very best of luck on your entrepreneurship journey!

Idea 2 Inception Application


This is step 1. To be considered for the i2I program, you must fill out the information below and pay $10 processing fee to receive your application via email.

Success! You will receive an email with the application.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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